Again I went around roaming from room to room. I am still finding rooms with new items such as a bed with a head board in the shape of a pigs head. There were also other items such as muffins, a book shelf, a recycle bin, a pachinko machine, a wall mounted screen and a miniature pig that explodes when you play the animation. I asked the owner of the room if he added these items to the catalog and if so how he was doing it. He told me he was not adding any items and that I can search the catalog by name of items to find what I am looking for. I asked him how he was uploading video games onto the mounted screens in which he told me to go to youtube and select the game you want and type the url into gadget options. I went to the catalog and selected the items I wanted and then went back to my rooms and created another room. I called the room “my room” and then started adding furniture to it. I added items you would normally find in a bedroom at a university residence such as a bed, desk, dresser, a computer, a sofa and a television. After decorating my room I went back to other peoples rooms and started chatting with them about life, and sports. We started talking about the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, their amazing turn around season and how close they were to winning the world series. We were also talking about the Tampa Bay Lightning and how terrible they are doing. It is interesting to see that there are a lot of other people out there from Florida or the Tampa area using lively. It is also interesting to note that we have a lot of the same interests in life be it sports, food or life in general. To this point I have found people on this site to be very friendly and helpful.

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