Today I created my own room on lively. I clicked on create a new room and had to choose a shell for my theme. I decided to shop around for a shell room and chose to go with a coffee shop. I am calling it the USF cafe house. I then tried to select a sound for the room but was unable to as it said it needed an mp3 player and should be less than 512 KB. I then tried to burn a cd to my computers library to upload to lively but again got the same message. I then went ahead and saved the room. After the room loaded I started shopping around for sofas, chairs, tables and kiosks. After selecting the furniture that I wanted for the room I then started to add the furniture. It was easy to add the furniture but I found it difficult to move the pieces around. After awhile I realized that when the green light came on that I could move the piece of furniture to a particular spot and when the yellow light shadowed the piece it was to change the direction that the furniture was facing. Another problem I encountered was that I do not know how to get behind the counter to make it look as if I work there. I will probably just go to a similar room and ask the host how they are able to do this. The music that plays in my room must be set automatically as it is the same music as another coffee shop that I visited which has the same room. No visitors at this point but maybe I will go around and visit other rooms and invite people to come.

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