This will be my last entry into my journal for the semester. I started off by going into my rooms and practicing everything that I have learned to date. I changed the appearance of my avatar by changing the clothing he was wearing such as adding sweaters, pants, boot, etc. I also practiced how to move furniture and finally figured out how to create a cave or hole in the ground. I did this by using a poster and typing a jpg link through the gadget options. I then put a pole over top of the poster and then was able to add a second pole underneath the first pole by using the control up and down arrows. After repeating this step several times I was able to create a room underneath the original chat room. After completing the room I practiced using my different views such as avatar view, birds eye view and view finder. These different views really do make a difference in seeing everything that goes on in the room. At this point I got kind of bored and started to go around to other peoples rooms and tried out my animations on new users. It is still funny to see my avatar kick and punch some other avatar especially when it is a new user and they do not know what they are doing. In one chat room I went to I was unable to perform animations on the avatar who had created the room. I asked him how he was able to delete this option but he would not say. At this point I got bored again and started chatting with the other users about how lively is about to shut down but nobody knows why. I personally think that the creators of lively want money from the users/members to run the system and that this was probably a trial. It has been fun up until this point but lively is not something that I would pay to use and if it requires money for membership than I will probably pass on that option.

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