Today I visited more rooms in lively. I got added to the contact lists of other users. When I was talking to some other people they had moved out of site and asked me to come up. I did not know how and they told me about an icon on the left hand side that I could click on to get different views. There was a birds eye view, avatars view and a viewfinder. The birds eye view allows you to see the room from the top like a bird would view you from the sky. The avatars view allows you to return to normal viewing. The viewfinder allows you to rotate 360 degrees. Some objects have comments when you click on them where as others do not. Some rooms I was unable to move to or sit on chairs as in one room called lively: high school 101. Again all people I spoke to were able to speak English. Some rooms would not let me add furniture. One room had a background animation of snowflakes falling.

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