Today, I went to a room called city life. Again I found items that I have not seen in the catalog such as a magic book, a piggy bomb, a cannon, a column, a street lamp, a jeep and a baseball toss stand. I played the different animations and added the items to my inventory. I also learned something new in this room which was that I have the ability to move from rooftop to rooftop. The person who had created this room had furniture on other rooftops so I clicked on the furniture and clicked move to. It took a couple seconds for my avatar to reach the other roof tops but this showed me that I am not limited to the roof top that you automatically start off at when entering the chat room. I also met other new users to the site who were not familiar with lively, what it is about or what you can do. I explained to these other users that lively is a virtual chat room where you chat with other users, create rooms and perform animations. I also told them how to perform animations on other users by clicking on them and clicking animations. Some users were interested in how to create a room so I told them that they need to click on the new room icon to create a room, select a room shell and then furnish it to their liking. I told them that they could add furniture to their rooms by either clicking on the item in the chat room and add it to your inventory or by clicking on the catalog through the main page. Some came back with questions on how to move the furniture or add videos to the movie screen. Again I told them about the icons on the right side of the screen and also referred them to the getting started link. I have only used lively about eight times in 2 months but now I am the one who is teaching new users how to perform different functions yet I am still learning myself.

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