I went around to different rooms collecting items I did not see in the catalog. Some items I picked up were a tree lamp, pumpkin jack, a disco ball, a picture frame and a movie screen. I went back to my room and added a movie screen but it was not playing any videos. I went back into other peoples rooms that had these movie screens and asked around as to how they were able to play different videos. Finally, this one guy was able to tell me that I needed to go to you tube and find a video that I wanted to play. He then told me that I needed to copy the url and paste it into the movie screen using gadget options. I then went to you tube, selected my video and put the url into the gadget options. Once I clicked enter the video loaded and started playing. I then went around looking for people to invite to my rooms. A couple people came and we talked about daily life such as what we do for work, where we go to school, if we were married, how many children do we have, where do we live etc. One guy was from Tampa and lives one mile from USF. He said he was a student at USF for about one year until he got kicked out due to bad grades. He mentioned that he had to go to University in North Carolina to finish his bachelors degree and has now returned to Tampa. I told him I was going to USF as a graduate student and that this was my second semester. He asked if I was familiar with the area in which I said no. He then recommended several restaurants, bars and pubs that I should check out.

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