Today was my first day using lively. Lively is a virtual chatroom site that offers many different chatrooms to enter. There was no membership fee and I had access to all of the rooms. I chose my character and then dressed him up appropriately for each chatroom. I was able to dress him up after going to the product catalog and selecting different items that I liked such as clothing, furniture and phone booths. Upon selecting my items I then went from chatroom to chatroom. At first I did not know what I was doing and just stood there waiting. I then saw the other characters chatting to one another and saw an area for posts to be made. I said hello but nobody responded. I waited again and noticed the characters moving around, adding furniture, moving furniture and other various actions such as laughing and choking. I asked them how they were able to do these various actions but they did not reply. It was not until somebody else that was new to the site had entered the chatroom and told me that I needed to click on the character that I intend to kick. At this point I realized that I needed to click on my own character to move him around. This made the site much more interesting as I went from room to room practicing all of these actions.

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